BlackBerry Buyers May Be Microsoft and Several Chinese Companies

    BlackBerry's profit began to rise again in the fourth fiscal quarter . This is due to the restructuring and the successful release of new devices. It was decided to focus on smartphones with a QWERTY keyboard, which Blackberry has always been famous for. So the Blackberry Passport , Blackberry Classic models in a classic design were released , as well as the low-cost touchscreen devices BlackBerry Z3 and Leap.

    Against the backdrop of the positive results of BlackBerry, several large companies have again begun to consider the possibility of its absorption.

    Corporation Microsoft is consulting with investment firms to more accurately assess the state of affairs in the company, reportsDigitimes The deal could help Microsoft expand its influence in the enterprise business solutions market. In addition, this would allow replenishing the portfolio of her patents in the field of the Internet of Things, mobile platforms and communication technologies.

    The possibility of absorption of BlackBerry is also considered by Chinese companies Xiaomi , Lenovo and Huawei . They could strengthen their positions in the American and European corporate sectors, as well as expand the product range and patent portfolio.

    Sources of Digitimes believe that the advantage in the purchase is unequivocal for Microsoft. For reasons of national security, European and US regulators may prohibit a deal with Chinese companies. On the other hand, due to the shifting of the priorities of BlackBerry towards software development, it is beneficial for it to cooperate with Microsoft.

    Earlier, Megamind wrote that Apple was called a potential buyer of BlackBerry . The news that Apple could buy the company has led to a temporary increase in Blackberry's stock price. May 11, it increased by 6% - from $ 9.9 to $ 10.5 apiece. However, the information was not confirmed, after which the value of the shares fell again.

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