Apple acquired another cartographic startup

    According to a comScore survey , there are almost twice as many iPhone users who prefer a Google map search to their “native” Apple cards. Apple ’s mapping technology is still inferior to its competitors, Google Maps .

    To remedy this situation, the company is working on its own cards and at the same time is considering the possibility of acquiring promising startups in this area. So, today it became known about the purchase of high-precision navigation service Coherent Navigation . The company team will join the developers of Apple Maps .

    Home Director General Coherent Navigation on LinkedIn indicates that he works for Apple in the past five months. The transaction amount is not disclosed.

    “Apple buys small technology companies from time to time, and in most cases we don’t discuss our specific goals and plans,” company representatives said.

    Coherent Navigation is not the first mapping service acquired by Apple. In 2013, the company acquired a number of navigation startups: Locationary , Embark , Hop Stop , WifiSLAM and BroadMap . According to The Verge, it is not clear what Apple needs in the first place: technology or talented personnel.

    Recently, Megamind wrote that, according to some experts, Nokia Here cards could also be Apple's target. However, other companies also claimed the role of buyers. So, Uber has expressed its intention to purchase a mapping service. In addition, he was interested in the Chinese company Baidu and even auto groups: BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi.

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