GitHub Unlocked Again

    According to the deputy head of Roskomnadzor Maxim Yurievich Ksenzov, the site has been excluded from the register of banned sites in the Russian Federation.

    It can also be noted that on Twitter they started to force the hashtag # GitHub

    Even the official ILV account participated

    Recently, several articles appeared on the hub with a description of technical ways to bypass a site lock.
    VPN , I2P , Tor

    GitHub has created a separate repository in which they publish information about requests to them from the ILV with the requirement to delete any information.
    GitHub also began to block some repositories for visitors from Russia:
    However, for the url that appears in the ILV request, the information is still available.

    The message about blocking GitHub was published on December 2 ( on Habré ), after which most providers blocked access to this site for their customers.

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