About customer confidence in online stores

    The main task of OneMark is to build the right dialogue between the seller and the buyer, leading, ultimately, to regular purchases in this store. Yes, it sounds a little boring, but it helps our team daily think about improving the project for their users. Having built a good basis for the site, or as we call it “skeleton”, we fill it with various options and functionality.

    The other day we came across an interesting infographic about online shoppers in Russia (link in the comments). A special place for us had information about the selection criteria by users of online stores:


    It is not surprising that most of the respondents indicated the price of goods as the main criterion. In modern realities, every user wants to buy a product, the cheaper the better. Most trading platforms and sites are based on this criterion. However, few people want to take care of the rest of the items on this list. More precisely, they allow you to indicate additional information to your stores, open their points of delivery, allow you to calculate the cost of delivery, but give everything to self-control stores.

    We at OneMarkt decided to focus specifically on store control and customer experience. For several days, we tried to come up with a system that could respond to each of the items on the list. As a result, we have deduced the seller-buyer interaction algorithm, which we are going to implement in the near future.

    At the moment, OneMarkt allows its sellers to provide links to their groups on social networks and a personal website. Each buyer sees this information on the main page of the store and can learn more about the seller. In our opinion, a store with accounts and online presence receives more trust from the consumer than a store without everything.


    We also implemented options in the settings of each store, where they can specify special conditions: payment methods, whether there is free delivery / exchange of goods and whether there is a physical store, in case the client wants to stop by the purchase and measure it.


    In general, these are only the first steps in the process of implementing the full idea. If you have any suggestions or ideas, we will be glad to listen and discuss. Thanks!

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