Verification of accounts on freelance exchanges

Yesterday I received a “letter of happiness” from - with the news that a new opportunity has appeared - “Account Verification”. Why is this needed, why is it good, and how does it work - I want to tell in this article.


So, what they write:

For a long time, one of the weaknesses of our freelance exchange was the lack of account verification - we ourselves understood this, you yourself have asked about this more than once. We are pleased to announce that now you can verify your profile on Freelansim using the Yandex.Money payment system. All that is needed is to link the account with the account on Yandex.

After successful verification, the user avatar is marked with a green icon, which can be seen in the user profile or on the order page (both at the customer and the contractor). It can also be found on the profile avatar in the “Freelancers” and “Services” lists .

What does verification give? A green checkmark in the user’s profile is another argument in favor of working with him. But you must understand that the presence of this checkbox does not protect against possible troubles, so never forget to think.

Why is this needed?

Remote work is a risky business, especially with our mentality (Indians also “throw”, but much less often). Quite a lot of “crooks” graze on freelance - that is, those who came to try, but without completing the task and not returning the prepayment will not be very upset. There are professional scammers who are convincing enough, but again - exactly until the moment of prepayment. Then their persuasiveness disappears, and they themselves.

What does the customer do in this case? He writes in support, provides evidence. The exchange deletes the fraudster’s account. After this, “crooks” usually end their journey. Rare, especially persistent, try again. But here the scammers are definitely not stopping here. We change the mobile number, mail, voice and IP - and away we go. And so it can be done until they give a brick over the headto infinity.

What about a customer who does not have much experience working with freelancers (or does not know our mentality well)?

Why is it good?

And here account verification comes to the rescue. It’s easy to notice its presence - on all exchanges where it is (currently , , ) it is everywhere noted - on the account page, answers to projects, etc.

What verification provides:
  1. confirms that the user is a real person
  2. gives access to passport data for law enforcement officers

Fraudsters will certainly not verify the profile - if a principled customer comes and brings the case to court, you can fly into the money, and if it is confirmed that this is not an isolated case, you can get a deadline (albeit conditional). In addition, registering again even if it succeeds, then verifying the account with the same data will definitely fail - checking if this wallet has been used is easy for the exchange.

Therefore, we can confidently say that among verified ones, no more than 1% of scammers and no more than 20% of “crooks” (I am sure in the first figure, I take the second by eye). Those who verified their profile certainly have serious intentions.

  • it is easier for the customer to choose an artist
  • calmer for the prepayment sent
  • if anything - finding a freelancer is easy
  • in some places for this and rating

How it works? decided to use Yandex.Money . That's right - everyone has identified wallets, for verification you need to make a couple of clicks.

The scheme is as follows - we indicate the wallet, it transfers us to Yandex.Money , then we confirm that our wallet is. Done! Simple and dust free.

The exchange does not receive passport data or any other personal information. Wallet number only. If something happens - Yandex has this data, and at the request of law enforcement officers it is obliged to provide this data.

As a result, the sheep are safe, the wolves are full, and the bones of the shepherd are buried.. The exchange receives confirmation of the user's reality without transmitting personal information. If you need to find the person who is behind the wallet - a trifling matter. The customer is calm, not absolute, but still. Freelancer is an argument that has the most serious intentions.


Pessimists. " We will all die, everything can be faked ."

This of course yes, everything in this world is bought and sold. You can bribe an identification agent and provide unrealistic data. You can bribe a bank employee, prosecutor, judge, and anyone else. But usually they don’t do that, because this is an article, and accordingly, a term. This is too tough for fraudsters and “crooks” - neither morally nor financially.

Realists. " You can tie someone else's wallet "

Of course, yes, but how many people will give access to the wallet? They will only give theirs — relatives, friends — but will the fraudster substitute them? As a last resort, Yandex and Frelansim can provide account information, and comparing them, we can conclude that the wallet was used once to confirm the profile or was used constantly.

Paranoid. “The FSB and the CIA will find me

The first - if he wants (the FSB and the CIA), and in the den, and in the desert will find. But the main thing is that during verification no personal information is transmitted! Generally no. But Yandex already has it - there we provide it absolutely voluntarily. In the end, in all our lives, copies (!) Of passports fall into dozens of hands (certificates, loans, receipts, domains, etc.). In general, having verified your profile, you can sleep peacefully.

Total - account verification is a good thing, do not be biased towards it. If you are not a “rogue” and not a fraud, there’s nothing to be afraid of. On the contrary - it is obvious that when choosing an artist, the customer will give preference to a freelancer with a verified account. But if you are a customer, remember that verified people are also people, “the presence of this checkbox does not protect against possible troubles, so never forget to think .”

Thinking is our everything!

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