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Original author: Marco Arment
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As readers of our blog on GT know, we analyze the topic of acoustics not only in text form, but also share our knowledge in the Sound podcast - a transmission about devices, components, formats and technologies used in the audio world. A lot of experts took part in the recording of our podcast, and last year we told the story of the recording of the first 18 issues.

Today we decided to talk about what results an independent application developer can achieve using the example of what Marco Arment does: just recently he launched an application to listen to podcasts. We highlighted the main points and achievements of Marco.

The topic of earnings of independent developers remains quite acute: few people want to talk about money, but there are also daredevils. For example, the following developers who published revenue information:

Marco Arment, who developed Overcast , also decided to join them . This is an app for listening to podcasts on iOS.

Work on the project took 15 months. As a result, the application was published as free with in-app purchases for users. At the time of the release, IT journalists supported Marco: there were dozens of great publications, thousands of tweets, and even a second-level banner in the App Store.

For the calendar year 2014, the following results were achieved:

  • 318,996 downloads. Approximately 200,000 registered accounts;
  • 46.940 in-app purchases (14.7%);
  • $ 164,134 amounted to earnings after deducting Apple's share of 30%, but before taxes;
  • $ 85,715 earned only in the first month.

The costs were relatively small: the total cost of the server and hosting was $ 750 per month (for comparison, my family’s health insurance costs twice as much). In 2014, the biggest waste was an agreement to simultaneously use similar trademarks to use the Overcast name.

It cost me about $ 12,000, and I believe it was worth it (all the other names were lousy ). Then I officially registered Overcast for several thousand dollars in order to keep the name for myself and use in accordance with the agreement.

The biggest mystery of the App Store: what happens after the application launches has been resolved. Marco is very pleased with Overcast's earnings. He works in a cozy home office, where he always has his favorite coffee at hand and the opportunity to take a nap after dinner. He can be at home and present when his child is growing. For Marco, this is success.

You can find our podcast on the topic of audio here and here .

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