The basic principles of the freelance sphere

Freelance is a promising area in the field of employment and small business. In many Western countries, it has already become widespread, while in Russia it continues to develop rapidly. In this article I will discuss the basic principles of the freelance business.


To begin, we introduce the basic concepts:

1) Freelance exchanges

Exchanges are sites that organize the interaction of freelancers and customers. They are the most important elements in the work of the freelance sphere. Without them, there would be no organized interaction between freelancers and customers.

2) Freelancers

Freelancers are people who are looking for jobs and projects for the purpose of employment and profit. They are the target audience (along with customers) for freelance exchanges.

3) Customers

Customers are people whose goal is to implement a project using all the advantages of working with freelancers.

4) Information sites

Sites providing information to both freelasers and customers. The goal is to attract interest in the field of freelance.

The scheme of work of the freelance sphere:


In the established market there are always more freelancers than customers.

The scheme of work of the freelance exchange:

It is worth paying attention that the exchange has a percentage of transactions conducted on it - this is one part of the income. Also, income can be obtained from the provision of various privileges to freelancers and customers.

Now we define the main tasks for market participants:

The most optimal task for a freelancer is to gain access to the implementation of the most profitable and promising projects. In a real situation, it comes down to gaining access to the implementation of fairly profitable projects. For many, low-skilled and inexperienced, it comes down to the possibility of completing any paid project that they are supposed to cope with.

For the customer, the main task is to most efficiently and profitably implement the project. In different situations, different customers may focus on profit or quality.

The objective of the exchange is to get the largest number of customers (customers and freelancers) and provide them with services at the best price.

For clarity, I will give some quantitative characteristics of the freelance sphere in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet:
  • Number of significant exchanges: more than 66
  • Number of freelancers on the largest site: 270680
  • Number of projects per day: more than 300
  • Average project budget: 18571 rub

In the field of freelance many interesting problems and phenomena can be distinguished. Here I examined only general principles. In the future I plan to study in more detail some topics, such as the development of the freelance market, a comparison of different regional segments, a more detailed study of quantitative characteristics and many others.

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