How we went for subsidies

    Hello colleagues! In this article I will try to tell you as much as possible about how we tried to get subsidies in Omsk for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. The article will focus on the Omsk Employment Center for the Lenin Administrative District.

    The idea to apply to the CH for subsidies came from TV, where in one of the news reports they talked about the allocation of subsidies for the development of entrepreneurship. By the time of the appeal to the Central Office we have a working website and a team of three people. One of the founders already has a legal entity, therefore we did not plan to register our activities legally, but planned to attract additional funds to promote the project. This is the input, and now the story itself.

    Before setting off, I went for information on subsidies for small and medium-sized businesses in Omsk, I could not quickly find any data on the method of receipt, amount, rules for participation in the tender, contact persons responsible for issuing subsidies. Therefore, on April 13, 2015, I headed to the Employment Center to find out everything on the spot. Having got to the informant, the following information was received:

    In order to participate in the subsidy competition, first you need to officially become unemployed. This is where we start.

    This status can be obtained at the Employment Center by registration, that is, if you have a Leninsky district in your passport, then you should go to the Leninsky TsZ. To do this, you must have the following documents with you:
    1. Passport + copies of the second and third pages, as well as the page with registration at the place of residence;
    2. Certificate of average earnings at the last place of work (standard form of reference);
    3. Workbook + copies of all pages with notes and other documents confirming the length of service (contracts, certificates);
    4. Document on professional qualification + its copy;
    5. TIN (original only);
    6. Certificate of state pension insurance (original only).

    Persons with disabilities of 1, 2, 3 groups, in addition to these documents, must provide:
    1. ITU Help + copy;
    2. Individual rehabilitation program for a disabled person + copy.

    But you can’t just register and become unemployed by passing all the documents listed above.

    Firstly, for the assignment of the coveted status must pass 10 days from the date of registration.

    Secondly, by registering, for some reason you are given a direction to work, although intentions are spoken out during an interview with a central employee. In general, within three days you need to go to the address indicated in the direction and try not to get a job, because in this case you will not be given subsidies. You can certainly not go, but there is a chance that you will be removed from registration.

    Thirdly, exactly three days after registration, you are invited to an interview for career guidance and offer to undergo training in various working specialties. You can refuse. On the same day, it is necessary to bring the signed direction to work, preferably with a refusal of employment.

    On the very first day of the visit, I got an appointment with the deputy head of the health center. It was not without difficulty that he managed to find out from him the rules for obtaining subsidies:
    1. You must be officially unemployed;
    2. Be sure to pass three tests for suitability for entrepreneurial activity, the entire testing process takes 30 minutes:
      - The Dutch test. Methodology of professional self-determination;
      - CBS (identification of communicative and organizational inclinations);
      - Self-assessment of the entrepreneur’s personal qualities.
    3. Write a business plan. Provide a template and recommendations for compilation .

    So, after 10 days we arrive at the Employment Center with a passport, work book and an account opened with Sberbank. From this day you officially become unemployed. On the same day they can voluntarily-forcibly send to a lecture on opening their own business. To me, at first, it seemed boring and pointless, but in the end I saved time, because it was on her that I realized that attracting subsidies to the CH was not a good idea.

    The lecture was attended by 8-10 people of different ages, someone came just like that, and someone clearly planned to open a business. The first 15 minutes we were told about the rules for writing a business plan, later they allowed us to ask questions. After a dozen questions, the following became clear:

    - Winners of previous years: a photo studio, organizing holidays, selling accessories for mobile phones;
    - In a year, 2 subsidies for starting a business are allocated per one central district of the Leninsky district;
    - One of the prerequisites for obtaining a subsidy is the creation of an additional workplace; accordingly, 135,000 is divided into two: the founder (70,000) and the employee (65,000);
    - The selection of business plans lasts a month, the final decision is made by the Omsk regional business incubator;
    - 70,000 must be spent right away. 65 can be stretched for some time;
    - The employee selects the central locking. You can offer your candidacy, but a person must be recognized as officially unemployed;
    - Money is allocated free of charge, subject to all conditions of the contract, if the conditions are not met, then the money will have to be returned in full;
    - Terms of the contract (tentatively):
    1. The business must exist for at least 2 years;
    2. The employee must also work for you for at least 2 years. If an employee leaves, then you need to take another, if you do not hire an employee for a certain period of time, this will entail a violation of the contract.

    Approximately, we consider expenses for 2 years:
    1. Registration of LLC or IE = 5000 - 10 000 rubles;
    2. Taxes = 124,000 rubles;
      If we assume that the head and employee will have a minimum wage set in the amount of 6,000 rubles, then at a rate of 43% for two years it will be necessary to pay about 124,000. But most likely they will not allow to set the minimum wage and note this in business plan. And who will go for 6000.
    3. Office = 360,000 for 2 years.
      Running a home business is unlikely to be allowed. Utility and other related costs, about 15,000 per month.

    Total: 489,000 rubles for 2 years.

    As a result, we decided not to participate in the subsidy competition and withdrew our candidacy. They were guided by the following considerations:
    - for the organization of receiving payments and other official events, there is an existing LLC;
    - employees recommended by the employment center seem to be unnecessary to us;
    - the amount of the cost of servicing a business organized on a subsidy is higher than the amount of the subsidy provided.

    Conclusions: the institution of providing state subsidies is certainly a useful and attractive idea, but only for those entrepreneurs who are planning to create an LLC in any case, or register as an individual entrepreneur.

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