Citation Rating IT-resources for April 2015: "Focus on people"

    The analytical center Brand Analytics presents a regular monthly industrial citation rating of Russian IT resources in social media for April 2015.

    We called the March rating of citation for IT resources “Positive IT Spring” . And we had reasons for that. Fourteen of the fifteen finalists in the ranking showed an increase in citation. The traditionally long-lasting stream of news from the Mobile World Congress at the end of February and, of course, the long-awaited March announcement of the Apple Watch, which has once again pushed markets and news forward, helped them in this.

    But even the theme “Apple is already not the same” is not eternal, and in April, not all showed an increase in citation, although there were more than half of the list that grew, eight out of fifteen. The three leaders of growth are,,

    Citation Rating (links to) IT resources, April 2015: 786 975 681 Russian-language messages published over the month on social media

    were processed to calculate the Rating . In messages, users used 1,061,956,374 links to external resources, including 128,285,910 "short links" (such as,,, etc.).

    The data sources for analyzing messages were popular social networks and services: VKontakte, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, My World, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, G +, as well as blogs, forums, news articles and comments on them, thematic sites and discussion groups.

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