Banking uber-like service

    transporter“Uber for money” sounds like Travis Kalanick’s dream. Just imagine a black car filled with cash ...

    Something like that came up with a Polish bank.

    Idea Bank plans to use a fleet of BMWs that accept deposits from businessmen so that users of depository services themselves do not bother with cash transportation.

    Businessmen simply request a car at a specific place and at a specific time using a mobile application. After which the arriving car will accept the deposit.

    Idea Bank does not report car security, which cannot but cause some concern, given that the bank uses the BMW i3- small electric vehicles not sharpened for the safe transportation of large sums of money. One could suggest what additional measures were taken, but it is not clear which ones.

    BMWi3It seems nonsense at first glance, however, some consider the service a brilliant idea. Transferring a large sum of money, didn’t you feel at ease? Paranoia? Most often, of course, yes, but cases of “honest” weaning of large sums are not uncommon. Therefore, the alternative is actually quite good, especially if the bank provides a 100% guarantee or insurance.

    Such an undertaking may seem like a great example of technological excess. And this is so, most people probably don’t often have to “mess around” with a bunch of cache to get seriously nervous about transporting it. But such thoughts do not make the idea bad, very highly specialized - yes, but not bad.

    When Idea Bank makes its small "cars for cache" more secure than they seem at first glance, it is easy to imagine a lot of people using their services.

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