The cost of Avito was estimated at almost $ 1 billion

    The cost of Avito in the 1st quarter of 2015 increased. According to Avin’s main investor, the Kinnevik fund, the cost of the service now amounts to almost $ 1 billion. The fund assessed in Swedish kronor, receiving an amount of 8.3 billion kroons, which is approximately $ 984 million, RBC reports . Last year, a similar indicator amounted to 7.3 billion Swedish kronor, that is $ 883 million.

    The Avito quarterly valuation methodology is based on the multiples applied to EBITDA, this is a group of public companies comparable to Avito. Experts note that the increase in valuation is closely related to the growth of the ruble exchange rate, as well as with the excellent results that the company demonstrates.

    The company's revenue for the period January-March increased by about 42%, to 1.2 billion rubles. A year ago, the company's growth was 115%, with an absolute figure of 852 million rubles. EBITDA Avito in the first quarter amounted to 560 million rubles., With a profitability of this indicator at 46.4%. Unfortunately, the profit is not disclosed in the statements.

    According to Goldman Sachs analyst Alexander Balakhnin, a slight slowdown in Avito's revenue growth is explained by the difficult macroeconomic situation that affects the banner advertising market. At the same time, Avito earns about 25% of its revenue from advertising sales.

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