Giant spider and minotaur on the streets of toulouse

    Last week, Toulouse turned into a large open-air theater. From 1 to 4 November, huge spiders and a minotaur walked along its streets. Each animatronic was controlled by more than a dozen operators. It was supposed that about 200 thousand people would watch the show, but the real number of viewers turned out to be three times more. Under the cut - photos and videos from the performance, organized by the French theater group La Machine.

    The show “The Guardian of the Temple” rethinks the Greek myth of Ariadne. The streets of the city replaced the labyrinth, in the center of which the bloodthirsty minotaur was waiting for the unfortunate. The plot turned out a bit strange:

    It seems the spider has become a new Ariad
    В ходе археологических раскопок 1993 года на площади Эскироль обнаружили остатки древнего храма. На одном из его камней была вырезана этрусская надпись. После 25 лет расшифровки стало понятно, что это пророчество сивиллы:

    «Тулуза, отмеченная золотом, огнем, кровью и водой, увидит, что ее храм исчезнет, но его хранитель, погребенный под землей, останется. После дня, когда храм будет вновь открыт, его хранителю понадобится пятьдесят равноденствий, чтобы вернуться к жизни. Защитник города, он возродится в водах реки под новой Голубой Луной. Пока он будет блуждать в поисках храма, потерянного в сердце Лабиринта, изменившаяся Ариадна будет направлять его к его новому дому».

    But who needs a thoughtful plot when a 13-meter spider and a 14-meter minotaur weighing 47 tons are walking alongside?

    On the evening of November 1, the spider descended from the roof of Hôtel-Dieu. The source of the photo The

    eyes of the minotaur are moving, and from the nostrils there is steam

    on November 2, Capitoline Square.

    Preparation process:

    And a fragment of the performance accompanied by live music:

    The show was a spectacular way to announce the opening of the “La Halle de La Machine ” in Toulouse . Now the spider and the minotaur should already move there as exhibits. It is known that the mayor of Toulouse invested more than 14 million euros in the opening of the hall itself, 2.5 million in the creation of a minotaur and another 2 million in organizing and holding the show.

    Most likely, many remembered that they had already seen such spiders. And this is not surprising: if the minotaur was created specifically for the show in Toulouse, the La Machine spider was first brought to the streets in 2008.

    2008, Liverpool

    2009, spiders on the 150th anniversary of the port of Yokohama

    2011, the Cathedral of Reims is 800 years old, and a spider climbs along its walls.

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