New law on “lifetime” blocking of sites forces pirated resources to leave the shadows

    The management of resources with the "pirated" video content and offered the copyright holders cooperation. So far, the proposal has been sent to WebKontrol . She is engaged in tracking illegal copies of films on the Internet. WebKontrol works with film companies such as Bazelevs , Our Cinema , Art Pictures , as well as Hollywood copyright holders.

    Owners of pirated sites said they were ready to cooperate with WebKontrol on any conditions. They promise that, if necessary, any films can be removed from the resources. They agree to install a video player with licensed content.

    From May 1 of this year, a new edition will come into force.anti-piracy law . Rightholders will be able to block the pirate site forever if they prove the violation of rights in court twice. Now the law will apply to other types of content: music, books, software and so on. Previously, it was only about video.

    Numerous requests for cooperation are received by the management of the online cinema This is confirmed by Dmitry Pashutin, director of media research and strategic analytics: “It’s still unclear where this will lead and how sincerely their desire to whitewash the business. We can only say for sure that the illegal segment is several times greater than the amount of viewing on legal resources and the whitening of this traffic will benefit both video resources, and advertisers, and copyright holders. ”

    Representatives of TVzvr previously themselves offered cooperation to pirated sites, according to Vedomosti. However, the CEO of the company, Sergey Livshits, looks at the initiatives of video resources with distrust:

    “Such sites receive traffic on new films, and not a single online cinema can provide them with news immediately after they are released. Older films are already available on legal resources, so that, having lost news, pirated sites will also lose the traffic they live on. ”

    The president of the Amedia film company believes that information about pirates who embarked on the path of legalization is exaggerated: “The copyright holders are no longer so interested in the legalization of such sites. Two years ago it was possible to discuss this, but the pirates were late. Now, not all copyright holders will want to share content: it will be easier for many to close a pirated site under the new law. ”

    And the director of the Internet Video Association, Alexei Byrdin, is sure: "The owners of such resources should understand that to completely block the resource is possible only with the legalization of all content."

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