Google launches Project Fi universal mobile carrier

    Google has announced the launch of Project Fi, a virtual mobile carrier . It will make it possible to catch a stronger signal by switching between the towers of various operators. However, the tariff for communication services will be the same. The phone number will also be one.

    It is planned that the service will primarily be available in the US for owners of Nexus 6 smartphones. So far, access is given by invitation only . As representatives of Google explain, in other models of mobile devices support for the new technology has not yet been implemented. The company will cooperate with mobile operators T-Mobile and Sprint.

    The price for the basic tariff (Fi Basic) will be $ 20 per month. This tariff allows you to send unlimited SMS messages around the world, as well as make calls within the US cellular network.

    Abroad, calls for Project Fi users will cost 20 cents per minute.

    Mobile Internet can be connected for an additional amount of $ 10 for 1GB. If part of the traffic remains unused until the end of the month, a recalculation will be made and the money will be transferred to the next month. To connect to the Internet, the virtual operator can use available Wi-Fi points, as well as 3G or 2G networks in case LTE is unavailable. In case of traffic overrun, the corresponding amount will be deducted next month. In the official FAQGoogle representatives explain the choice of this payment scheme as follows: “We believe that you should pay only for the data that you use”

    Recall that in the fall of 2014, Apple announced the creation of its own SIM-cards. They should be shipped to the United States with Apple devices starting with the iPad Air. New SIM cards will enable you to switch between different mobile operators.

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