Yahoo is negotiating the purchase of Foursquare

    Marissa MayerRecently, Yahoo specialists led by Marissa Mayer have been busy restructuring their business in the mobile segment.

    Many publications write about the very possible largest deal for the company. We are talking about buying Foursquare for as much as $ 900 million. In particular, TechCrunch reports such information, although it does not disclose sources, which cannot but cause doubts.

    Foursquare has recently been experiencing some problems, and therefore there has been talk of selling the company for months. At the moment, the service is estimated at $ 600 million.

    Some sources claim that the work is done, but the formalities have not yet been settled. Others report a lack of reliable information and hint at the speculative nature of such statements. From which we conclude that either this is a complex multi-way speculation, or information leakage from a narrow circle of persons dedicated to the deal. A spokeswoman for Yahoo and representatives of the geolocation service declined to comment on such rumors.

    Yahoo hasn’t been doing so well lately, and a Foursquare purchase could have had a significant impact, reinforcing the search engine’s position. There are definite advantages here - Foursquare’s geolocation accuracy has not been disputed by anyone for a long time, and the service’s databases regarding the localization of consumer purchases and services can also be honored by Google, and many others can also be given a head start.

    There are a lot of different rumors about Foursquare and most of them are openly speculative, and we will not describe them in order not to be in the role of the little boy shouting “Wolves, wolves!” Let us leave the speculations to others, but we ourselves will carefully observe from the side.

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