Rambler & Co began producing video on its own television studio

    In early April, Rambler & Co launched its own television studio. It is planned to shoot interviews at the studio, take comments on current events and hold discussions with the audience. The amount invested in the construction of the studio is kept secret. According to experts, the construction of a similar television studio may cost about $ 1 million.

    The area of ​​the studio pavilion is 1000 square meters. The sector for spectators is designed for 70 seats. This includes filming rooms, editing and server rooms. It is estimated that 100-150 videos will be prepared each month. They will be placed on the holding’s own sites: Rambler.ru, Afisha, Lenta.ru, Gazeta.ru, Secret of Firm, Championship, LiveJournal and others.

    Online video content continues to gain popularity. According to the first deputy director general of Rambler & Co Maxim Tadevosyan, in the future the company will be engaged in the implementation of video content in its mobile applications.

    According to the estimates of the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia, in 2014 the video advertising market increased by 35-40% and reached 4.6 billion rubles. This year, growth will not be so rapid and will reach 20%, said Vedomosti CEO of Livshits, an online movie theater Tvzavr.

    The sale of video ads in Rambler & Co commercials under exclusive rights will be handled by Gazprom-Media Digital (GPMD), which specializes in the sale of advertising video content.

    It is worth noting that another large company, Mail.ru Group, on the contrary, plans to abandon GPMD services. Megamind wrote about this two weeks ago. Since 2013, she has been selling video ads in Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte. But now Mail.ru considers the work of GPMD not effective enough.

    Rambler & Co also plans to showcase videos from other manufacturers. The holding will use the services of the Pladform aggregator . This is Russia's first licensed online video distribution system.

    In mid-2014, Rambler & Co announcedabout the beginning of cooperation with Channel One. It was planned that the news items would be posted on the socio-political resources of Lenta.ru and Gazeta.ru, the series “The First” will appear on the “Poster-Serials” website, and “Championship.com” will broadcast sports events.

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