Gentlemen, I have unpleasant news - WhatsApp

    WhatsappA week ago on the announcement of an unpleasant event for mobile operators was published . The popular WhatsApp messenger has a call function. At that time, only for the version on Android.

    Today it became known that the support service of the “killer SMS” confirms the imminent release of the version for the iPhone (official) and Windows Phone.

    Today, the number of active users of the popular messenger exceeds 700 million people per month (exchanging more than 30 billion messages per day).

    Unlike other messengers, WhatsApp does not implement side functionality and remains true to its communication mission. Many users note the slowness of the project with the launch of telephony. The developers explain this misunderstanding by extended tests for service reliability.

    Operators are already worried about lost profits and are offering to increase fees from similar services. Despite the telecom lobby, the network is swelling with talk about the inadmissibility of traffic segregation, and enthusiasts are inviting operators to review their business models in the direction of moving from telecommunications service providers to data service providers.

    According to analysts, revenues from voice services are declining for all market players. There are forecasts that by 2018, revenues from mobile communications will be even more reduced due to the work of various instant messengers and WhatsApp in particular.
    WhatsApp users have already reduced the revenue of mobile operators from SMS by $ 33 billion, and in the future this amount is expected to increase.

    At the same time, according to RBC, total revenue from mobile data will grow by 8% annually and reach $ 586.4 billion by 2019, revenue from voice services will fall by 3% per year and will drop to $ 472.7 billion over the same period. .

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