Where do clients come to web studio

I’ll tell you about the sources of applications for development and promotion using a real-life example of a web studio. We sell sites with a price tag of 100 thousand +, which is higher than the regional average and below the average price segment in Moscow. We undertake seo projects with a budget of 10 thousand rubles in Volgograd and 17 thousand in the capital.


How were leads tracked?

We tracked visitors to the site using the tools:

  1. Static calltracking
  2. Dynamic calltracking
  3. e-mail tracking.
  4. YandexMetrica.

Therefore, all the data about the leads passed through magwai.ru.

Static call tracking
On the site, we replace phone numbers for each of the advertising sources. A user who comes from a Google search sees one phone number. The one who came from social networks is another.

For static call tracking, we activated the Target Call 2.0 service in YandexMetrica. The Moscow studio phone was replaced.

Dynamic Call Tracking
In dynamic call tracking, there are several numbers for one advertising source.
A client who came from Yandex at the request of "website development" will see one phone number, a user who has made the transition from Yandex at the request of "website development" will see another number a second later.

We used the service calltracking.ru.

E-mail tracking
E-mail tracking is the tracking of letters from the site. We have developed a script that replaces e-mails. It works on the principle of static call tracking. Each advertising channel has 1 e-mail.

For tracking, we selected the following sources:

  1. cmsmagazine.ru
  2. ratingruneta.ru
  3. tagline.ru (and subdomains)
  4. Free-lance.ru
  5. Revision.ru
  6. 1s-bitrix.ru
  7. YandexDirect
  8. Search engines
  9. Social networks
  10. Copyright on the sites.

A separate e-mail was created for each source. Added them to external resources, where possible. For those customers who write to us immediately, without going to magwai.ru.

Using metrics, we tracked calls through the feedback form. Surprisingly, there are much fewer calls through the form than emails. I suppose, because on the site the form is present only in contacts.

So where are the applications coming from?

The applications tracked through the website were divided into groups:

  1. Ratings
  2. Search engines
  3. Copyright on sites
  4. External portfolio (free-lance.ru, revision.ru)
  5. YandexDirect
  6. Other sites.


Data for the last six months.

Ratings - 34%
We are present in two ratingsruneta ratings - Top200 leading Runet studios (70th place) and in the Rating of web studios working with the largest companies in Russia and the world (59th place). + Regional ratings: in the Southern Federal District and Volgograd, we have five places in development and in seo.
At cmsmagazine.ru these same ratings are in dynamics.
At Tagline, we are present in the Rating of design studios in digita l (95th place).

In the main rankings, our places are far from the top ten, but this source brings the most applications. Moreover, of high quality.

Most of the leads come from Runet Rating.


Search engines - 25%
We have not been promoting the site for a long time. But the visibility in the search engines in Volgograd is maintained. The wave-like source is either dense or empty. More quality leads on seo than on development.

Copyright on sites - 12%
I assumed that this source brings more leads. It turned out that this is not so. Or contact with the studio is delayed in time. But this is offset by the quality of applications.

External portfolio - 17%.
In this group I combined accounts on Free-lance.ru and Revision.ru. We upgraded our

freelance account back in 2009, having reached the top 10 performers in the “turnkey sites” category for the year. Since then, applications of extremely heterogeneous quality have come from there.

We get adequate and suitable leads for our budgets. Which are converted into customers. But there are a lot of applications in the spirit of “correct us a script on the dzhumle, we need tomorrow”.

The channel intensified with the onset of the crisis.

On Revision account since the end of 2011. The story is rather fashionable. And another account there - the ability to throw a link to customers on a portfolio with large pictures. There is only one application from there for the last 6 months.

YandexDirect -7%
Tried to advertise through Direct for several months. Advertising scale on Volgograd and a month on neighboring regions. Clicks are expensive, they are relatively few. Applications are substandard. Wrong budget.

I knew that contextual advertising in our subject was primarily aimed at low-budget projects. But I wanted to try. Tried, disappointed.

Social networks - less than 1%.
We support accounts in 4 networks: Vkontakte , Twitter , Facebook and Instagram . Activity is higher in the first two. Facebook posts are often reposted from vk. Instagram is half-abandoned.

There are no applications for services from social networks. Just a few pieces, which against the general background tends to zero.
You need to experiment with targeted advertising.

1s-bitrix.ru - 0%
As partners of 1C-Bitrix, we are present in the ranking of partners. Since we have low places there, leads from the Bitrix website do not come to us.
Companies can respond to applications that customers leave on the site. We tried to respond to projects, but to no avail.

Other sites - 4%
In this group, applications from customers who have found us in catalogs, directories, topics on forums, blogs, and it’s not clear where.

What else?

Word of mouth
Good old sundress. As in other industries where they sell services, it works. And this is a loyal potential customer. It's simple (but long): the more satisfied customers, the more people recommend you.


Inforza is a service where customers buy applications at an auction agency.
We periodically redeem them, but leads are converted into customers hard. Piece story. You can try as an additional source of applications, but there will be no order flow from there.

Subcontracts Subcontracts were
taken from advertising agencies in 2010-2012. Then we got involved. Such work cannot be put in the portfolio; the deadlines for agencies often burn.

On our own initiative, we rarely participate in tenders. And never in the Gostenders. At one time, they participated in projects at cmsmagazine.ru, but literally 1-2 received orders from there.
We participate at the invitation of the customer. He learns about us from sources that we analyzed earlier.

Cold calls
Sales experience back in 2009. There is experience, there is no result. Selling by phone is hard and ineffective. Of course, and so you can find your client, even in the high segment, but we did not succeed.

Clients for promotion from development
If the project was done with high quality, not screwed up, the deadlines were not wildly missed, then we get a loyal customer for promotion. Loyal customers are a significant source of online advertising applications. Selling them is easier and more enjoyable.
The channel brings up to 40-50% of customers in seo and context.

Brief Summary

You can work with completely different channels, depending on activity in different directions. But always the most loyal customers will be those who came through word of mouth on the recommendation and from copyright on the sites.

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