Personalized Planning for Today - Seah David


Inside GTD there is a small task - when you leave home, what tool to use to keep a to-do list? David Cea came up with a piece on which “life unfolds as it is” - Emergent Task Planner.
(It has not yet been translated into Russian, but there everything is clear and so).

There is a one-day calendar on the sheet - you can mark the time for tough tasks (according to Arkhangelsk). And the watch fits in by hand - there is flexibility. The calendar occupies about a fifth of the sheet.

There is a place on the sheet for the most important three tasks - sometimes this is enough, but not for me. To do this, there is room for 6 more tasks, a total of 9 (a quarter of the sheet). For tasks, you can plan a time budget - this is an option.

And on the sheet there is a place for Notes - an unstructured text that is generated by activity during the day. It takes about a third of the sheet, very convenient.

When a busy day is coming up, with tough events, with obligatory tasks, I take this leaflet, and he is with me all day. Do not need anything else.

In the evening, the sheet is raked by other instruments - I put it in my inbox, and along Allen forward.

I print the leaflets from a PDF downloaded from the site. You can buy color printing-quality sheets on Amazon (for addresses in the USA) or on (for the rest), but I have no time.

Interesting friends, is anyone else using the Emergent Planner? And what about the other products of David Seah (I have not yet qualified)?

P.S. Why are you, Megamind, compelling me to increase my karma again by publishing all sorts of different things?

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