Work on a draft law on preliminary filtering of Runet has been suspended: it is unclear how to implement it and who will pay

    Elena Mizulina, through her representative, gave Vedomosti information about the suspension of work on the bill on the preliminary filtering of Runet. The main reasons: it is not determined who will finance the implementation of the bill, and how to do it technically. If industry experts clarify these issues, work will continue.

    The chairman of the Duma committee on family, women and children Elena Mizulina in 2014 proposed filtering the Internet by default to protect children from harmful information. In an interview with the newsMizulina expressed the opinion that in order to “cleanse” the home Internet, a number of manipulations should be done, including the purchase and adjustment of parental control. She suggested making a “clean” Internet at the operator level. To gain access to the rest of the network, the user will need to confirm the age and enter into an additional agreement.

    Representatives of the Safe Internet League and the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov discussed the preliminary filtering of Runet on Wednesday April 1. Bill operators need to create a technical solution to block blacklisted sites. Two models of pre-filtering are currently being considered: pre-filtering and the use of white lists of sites.

    The proposed LBI solution is ineffective in technical terms, since semantic filtering algorithms can work only with text, but not with audio, video and photo content. In addition, such algorithms are not able to filter out encrypted data transfer protocols (HTTPS, VPN or TOR), whose share in operator traffic is growing rapidly. ”Dmitry Solodovnikov, representative of MTS.

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