Anti-Piracy Law: New and Outcomes

    On August 1, 2013, the so-called “anti-piracy law” came into force , which provides for the ability to quickly block sites at the request of the copyright holder of films.

    From May 1, 2015, the law will also be extended to music, books and software.

    Moreover, there is a duty on site owners to indicate on their site information about their name, location and address, email address to send a statement of violation of rights before going to court.

    The site owner has the right to place a form on the site through which it will be possible to notify the site administration of the alleged violation.

    Access to a site on which there has been repeated unlawful placement of someone else's intellectual property may be permanently restricted without the possibility of lifting this restriction.

    Since 2013, the Moscow City Court has been considering applications to block sites that host films without the consent of the copyright holder, and claims by copyright holders to prohibit the placement of films without their permission.

    On the court’s official website, you can fill out a special blocking application form , which must be digitally signed.

    Statistics show an increase in the number of submitted applications for blocking sites in the event of detection of illegally posted films.

    However, the figures do not allow talking about the scale, which means low activity among copyright holders.

    1. 2013 was submitted 77 applications on blocking websites.
    2. In 2014 was filed 155 allegations of blocking sites.
    3. In 2015, 28 applications for blocking sites were submitted .

    Starting May 1, software owners will also be able to block sites, which, according to the legislator, will simplify the process of protecting their software product.

    My opinion, as an intellectual property specialist, is that these provisions of the law will only lead to the fact that “violators” will find ways to circumvent these rules of the law.

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