"Poster" waiting for dramatic changes

    All major projects of the "Poster" will undergo significant changes, writes Lenta.ru . So, in May 2015, a new version of the site afisha.ru should appear, and subsidiary projects of the site, including “City”, “Wave” and “Air”, will be posted on the main site. The “Poster” will be led by Ekaterina Dementieva, who now leads the “Poster-City” project.

    It is worth recalling that a year ago the Poster project celebrated its 15th anniversary. In this regard, the resource management decided to rethink the concept of the site. As it turned out later, it is not too important for readers what the affiliate projects of the Poster are called, the brand itself is of primary importance to the visitors of the resource.

    In the summer, Afisha will turn into one large media project with support for the work of previous services, including the ability to receive information on schedules in cinemas, places, restaurants, etc.

    The Afisha management notes that the project itself should turn into "the main Russian daily site about culture, entertainment, things, urban changes, technologies and modern phenomena."

    The authors of the new concept are the art director of the resource Andrey Moskovsky, as well as product director Vladimir Shreider and creative director Philip Bakhtin. The editor-in-chief of Afisha magazine Daniil Trabun is working with Philip Bakhtin to revive the video section that existed before 2008.

    It is worth noting that, according to the results of January 2015, the total traffic volume afisha.ru is 7.8 million unique users. Three subsidiary projects, “City”, “Wave” and “Air”, collect traffic of 1.7 million unique visitors.

    The Afisha company is part of Rambler & Co. The holding includes Afisha-Rambler assets (Rambler Internet Holding LLC, Afisha Company LLC, Lenta.ru LLC, Price Express LLC, Begun CJSC, Rambler-Games LLC) and SUP Media ("Gazeta.ru", LiveJournal.com, "Championship.com" and others).

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