website blocked in Ulyanovsk for undermining the authority of state power

    According to the decision of the Leninsky court of the Ulyanovsk region of May 23, 2013, the Rostelecom Ulyanovsk branch blocked access to 15 sites on which, according to the prosecutor's office, there is “propaganda of bribery”, which “undermines the authority of state power”. Recently, site blocking has occurred quite often, but this is the first time that not only “resources well known in narrow circles”, but rather large sites turned out to be blocked completely (and not “by mistake”, as is the case with the registry) news agencies such as and Komsomolskaya Pravda.

    Moreover, according to the, their representative was not only not invited to the court session, but they did not notify the editors of the decision. The court also decided to block not separate URLs, as required by the prosecutor's office, but the entire site.

    The reason for the blockage is also interesting. In the opinion of the prosecutor’s office, certain materials posted on blocked websites promote “public opinion about the possibility of committing corruption crimes with the aim of satisfying one’s own needs with impunity, in addition, they undermine the authority of the government of the Russian Federation and existing Russian laws”, which is not only a violation of the law “On Information, Information Technologies and the Protection of Information”, but also contradicts the Constitution of the Russian Federation (“Constitution of the Russian Federation, guaranteeing everyone freedom of thought and speech, at the same time, it prohibits the abuse of freedom of speech if it violates the rights of other citizens ”).

    Arbitrary blocking of sites? "Forbidden" registry? Why, if you can simply take and block the sites of the two largest Russian media outlets by a court decision, without even notifying them about it.

    UPD The prosecutor's office said that Rostelecom was to blame for the complete blocking of sites, which went beyond what was prescribed by a court decision.

    UPD2 Rostelecom refused to return access to blocked sites until the relevant decision of the official body.

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