Raider capture of Radio Rox

    We live for ourselves, peacefully, discussing everything ... but meanwhile - on June 29, 2011, at 12-00, an unidentified group of people seized a transmitter belonging to Radio ROKS (how is this even possible?), And from now on frequency 102 FM broadcasts from an unidentified source. I note - the format of the station, in principle, is respected - they broadcast classic rock, calm, “radio-format” metal, although there is a lot of instrumental, something slipped closer to jazz and soul. There is no advertising, there are no leading ones - at first I even liked it: there is solid music, occasionally interrupted by standard jingles. Broadcasting on the Internet is the same as on the air.
    It is strange that there is no official comment on what is happening on the site of the radio station - there are only a couple of blog posts, yes, they say there is something on VKontakte (I can’t verify the last fact, because I don’t have an account there for ideological reasons). That is, something there is the representatives of the radio station and confirm, while for some reason they can’t do anything.

    Why am I writing all this: if this is really a raider seizure, as the Rox representatives themselves represent the facts, then this is some kind of piper! No, I understand - the seizure of an enterprise, you can merge assets from it. He captured the apartment - stupidly sold it, also a profit. Radio why? And the second thought - if it is really so easy to capture the transmitter and start broadcasting at a known frequency, while quite successfully disguising itself as the original station (suspicions that something is unclean here began to arise among listeners only today, after a day) - how much - the society is vulnerable to an information attack! This is not a “stuffing” at the forum, which God forbid a percentage of the total number of residents of the same Petersburg will read - no, people have much more confidence in the airwaves, and their audience is much larger.
    So, at the current moment - everything remains the same as it was. We are waiting for new information ...

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