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“... Especially for you,” replied the great combinator. “You, I notice, are always tormented by the pangs of creativity. Writing, of course, is very difficult. I, as an old editor and your fellow writer, can attest to this. But I invented such a thing which eliminates the need to wait until you have doused inspiration sweaty shaft Here Kindly look at...

And Ostap stretched Ukhudshansky leaf, on which was written:

indispensable tool for composing anniversary article, the standard-issue satires, and also a grand POEMS OD. AND TROPAREY "

I. Ilf, E. Petrov," Golden Calf "

Habr is still more media than just a forum and a party "for their own". This is what I want - you don’t want, but when publishing a topic, you are actually engaged in journalism. On Habré, Alexander Amzin ’s book on online journalism has been mentioned more than once . The book , in my opinion, was a success, and deserves an honorable place in the bookmarks of each. However, one link is good, and many are better. Since I worked side by side with journalists for several years, I myself picked up on them all. Under the cut - a gentleman's set of tasty and useful links.

In the topic, everything should be fine - both form and content. Let's start with the form.

Very fast and easy to use set of rules of the Russian language. The main thing on this site is the search bar at the top. Enter the word (or part of the word) in which you doubt it and you will see what will happen.

50 receptions of a letter from Roy Peter Clark . Although there is a lot of things about the content, most of the techniques are devoted specifically to style and form.

Nora Gal. The word is living and dead . A very useful and fascinating book about working with language and style.

We pass to the content.

There is such a thing as “journalism standards”. Hearing the word "standards", many people think that this is something like moral principles or obligations. That is, good journalists adhere to standards, while bad ones deliberately violate them. In fact, it is literally the word “standards” - like GOST or ISO. That is, guided by them, you can read any article and determine that this is journalism, or PR / propaganda / bullshit / artwork. Approximately as in quality control, for example, sausages, an expert, guided by standards, performs a series of tests and measurements, and concludes: “This is sausage of the 1st grade, this is the 2nd, and that one is not a sausage at all.”

Some other news and Some other news - 2A very good popular statement of standards. After a short training session in any text, violations of the standards are striking.

List of cognitive biases . Any admin will say that for confident and efficient use of the system, you just need to understand its bugs well. This also applies to the brain. Unfortunately, the Russian list is almost entirely red, so it’s better to master the English version .

The rules of the demagogue . Comments are an integral part of a good topic. Unless they slide into flame and holivars. Keep yourself in control!

Translations. Reading and understanding a foreign text does not mean being able to translate it well.

Study Guide for Translation from English into Russian. The correct translator translates the text in whole paragraphs, not words. Often you have to split the proposal into several, or completely redo its structure, throw something out, add something. Different languages ​​have different verbal constructions. Thus, a poor translation from English is accurately recognized by the abundance of verbs in the passive voice, which is used in English ten times more often than in Russian (except for bureaucratic jargon: “I signed the relevant documents”, etc.)

Dictionary of false friends of the translator . Many borrowed words of the Russian language do not mean at all what their English counterparts are. For example, compositor is a typesetter, not a composer at all, Dutch is a Dutchman, not a Dane. This dictionary can simply be read in a row. Very exciting reading!

Use for health!

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