Julian Assange released on bail at 240,000 pounds

    Julian Assange was released on bail.
    Julian Assange at the exit from the courthouse (Reuters photo)

    The court ruled on Tuesday, but the prosecutor appealed, and the final point was set on Thursday, December 16. The total security deposit is £ 240,000. The court examined the case in the morning, and Assange’s lawyers collected all the necessary documents all day, in particular, additional guarantees from five more people in addition to the two received on Tuesday. Then, the court recounted for a long time the money, which, according to the conditions of the pledge, was paid in cash. Assange will be required to wear a GPS bracelet, he will be left without a passport, and will have to check in at the police station every day.

    But in the mansion of Vaughan Smith, the founder of the famous London journalistic club Frontline Club, where Assange will wait for the next court hearing, it’s spacious, comfortable and has Internet access. So despite all the severities of the house arrest, Assange will be able to continue to delight everyone with leaks. After all, who will forbid him? After all, he is only accused of rape, wikileaks have nothing to do with it.

    The next hearing on the extradition of Julian Assange to Sweden is scheduled for January 11th.

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