DDoS attack on Wikileaks rose to 10 Gb / s, Amazon is still coping

    Last night, the power of the second DDoS attack on the Wikileaks site exceeded 10 Gb / s . The site is still hosted on Amazon Web Services, US and Irish servers, which so far have successfully coped with the load.

    Responsibility for the DDoS attack has already been assumed by a certain American "hacktivist" th3j35t3r (The Jester). On his Twitter account, he explains this by saying that Wikileaks “threatens the lives of our soldiers and other assets.” The blog "Jester" says that he is making every effort for the Internet "damage to lines of communications of terrorists, their sympathizers, mediators, assistants, tyrannical regimes and other bad guys."

    On Sunday, about 250 thousand secret diplomatic documents were published on Wikileaks. A few hours before the site launched a massive DDoS attack , which continues to this day. Arbor Networks experts drew attention to the fact that when the Swedish servers ceased to cope with the load, the Wikileaks DNS site changed from the Swedish AS8473 hosting to distributed hosting in Ireland (then in the USA).

    According to the WHOIS base, you can see that this is Amazon Web Services hosting . The cablegate.wikileaks.org website, which directly contains the latest diplomatic documents, provides the IP addresses of the Amazon Web Services Seattle data center (, as well as the French company Octopuce ( ). The Wikileaks.org home page refers to Amazon ( ) and Irish ( ) Amazon servers.

    The choice of American hosting does not seem too reasonable in light of the fact that influential US politicians urge to equate the owners of this site with terrorists and judge them according to the Espionage Act. The Americans can very well do this, having extradited Julian Assange after his arrest by the Swedish authorities, who have already applied to Interpol to arrest Assange in the case of sexual harassment.

    At the same time, according to experts, Amazon is unlikely to face legal prosecution by the US authorities. According to lawyers, the important fact is that the information was publicly available before Amazon servers began to distribute it, which to some extent protects the company from charges. Moreover, the dissemination of information from the United States allows you to extend to it the effect of the First Amendment to the US Constitution, which protects freedom of speech.

    Amazon hosting guarantees server stability, because it can withstand almost any DDoS attack, they have good experience in this matter. At least now the site’s performance remains at a high level.

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