No better news than bad news

    Sometimes, reading or listening to the news, you say to yourself: “How tired of all this is. These catastrophes, accidents, dishonest politicians ... Is nothing good happening in the world? ” Indeed, why shouldn't news companies publish more life-affirming materials? After all, not everything is so bad. Maybe there is some reason for this? Probably, there is image
    This chart, as you might guess, shows the traffic to one site. Site of a small town in the Donetsk region. As a separate point, I want to mention that at the time of the peak, the site did not experience the habraeffect or anything similar.
    What happened on this unremarkable site in October? Yes, actually, nothing special, just the mayor, while in a state of intoxication, shot down a man in the center of the city, so to speak, in front of the public. And this is exactly what led people to the site, caused an incredibly heated discussion and allowed a post with almost 500 comments to appear on a site with an average daily traffic of about 100 people.
    Do you still think that someone doesn't like the bad news? Or will news companies start publishing good ones? )

    PS I know that all this is trivial, but nevertheless the schedule is amazing. So I decided to share this with the habrasociety.

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