IT Runet bloggers, where are you?

    Just yesterday, I realized that in addition to Habr, in my RSS reader there is not a single Russian-language source of IT information. Some kind of injustice, I thought, and set about compiling a list of bloggers who would be interesting to read and who I would like to actively monitor. Strange as it may seem, this task was not one of the simplest. Therefore, I turn to the Habrahuman for help.

    The interest is attracted by specialists and amateurs, programmers, designers, entrepreneurs and marketers, writing analytical articles, reviews on IT and almost-topics, forecasts and news. Let them be not very famous, the main thing is that the information is fresh and interesting. Therefore, if you maintain an IT blog, or follow an interesting IT blog, please leave a link to it in the comments to this hubratik (or if you are not registered on Habré, send the URL to me via twitter ) - this way I can make the most complete list the most interesting IT bloggers of Runet and, of course, share it with everyone.

    I must say that I personally do notinterests: blogs with prevailing information on personal topics; cross-posters translators of information from Western mainstream blogs (TC, Mashable, Technorati, etc.), and that’s probably all.

    UPD : Many thanks to everyone who sent the links! Under the cut, there is only a small fraction of the links sent by the habrausers, the main cream in the comments is

    Give the popularization of domestic IT blogs!

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