Amazon patents digital gifts

    Want to give your mom an e-book or some other digital object? Be careful, this may violate the patent for digital gifts that Amazon has just received. US Patent No. 8,190,519 covers systems and methods for sending and receiving gifts, including digital gifts, which are sent through digital communication channels.

    The system includes a database that stores digital goods intended for purchase as gifts; A computer device that connects to a data warehouse.

    In addition, Amazon has patented the method of withdrawing money from the buyer after the recipient accepted the gift (deferred payment). According to experts, this is the only real innovation in the patent, and in everything else it describes the already known mechanisms that are used on the Internet. They may have been innovative in 2008 when Amazon applied.

    One way or another, but this patent is useful in the event of a possible patent war, for example, with Facebook.

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