Adobe Opens ROME Project

    Adobe opens Project ROME for public access - an all-in-one toolkit for creating, editing and publishing almost all types of multimedia content.

    Text, graphics, photos, video, sound, interactive animation - all this in a convenient and fairly fast tool, available both in the form of online and desktop (Win / Mac) applications.

    Unfortunately, mobile devices (iPhone / iPad / Android) are currently not supported.

    Non-professionals are called the target audience - a set of tools offers ample opportunities for the preparation and publication of multimedia content without the need to purchase expensive and difficult to learn desktop programs.

    ROME offers both a set of templates for all types of content, as well as the ability to edit and subsequently save work results in formats from pdf and graphics to flash-animation and publication of a website.

    Available as a means of collaboration on documents and projects, as well as the possibility of direct publication of the results in popular social networks.

    You can experiment and try out the features of Project ROME yourself at the current stage for free. Adobe promises that after the official release, prices will be affordable, and for educational organizations, the project will remain free.

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