Founder of advised not to enter the USA

    Lawyers for Julian Assange (Julian Assange) recommended him not to enter the United States . There is every reason to believe that the founder of the project will be instantly detained by the American authorities for interrogation.

    Two weeks ago, the U.S. Army arrested 22-year-old military intelligence analyst Bradley Manning , who is believed to be the source of a scandalous video shoot of journalists shooting in Iraq on Wikileaks . Now the detainee is being held in a military prison in Kuwait.

    And although Assange did not seem to violate the laws of the United States and has not been charged, in this case, special anti-terrorism laws can come into force that allow anyone to be detained for interrogation when it comes to information related to US national security. In particular, the authorities want to ask Assange several questions about his relationship with Manning. There is a suspicion that Manning transferred to Wikileaks other classified materials, including a video of the bombing of the Afghan village of Granay in May 2009, which killed 140 civilians.

    Julian Assange hid his whereabouts for a month, but appeared the day before yesterday in Brussels at a conference on press freedom. He said he was not afraid of the Pentagon.

    via slashdot

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