How to track copy content?

    For most online media, theft of content is an acute problem. I want to pay attention to the service Tynt . It will not save you from rewriting and blatant theft, but it will help you understand what content on your pages is considered the most interesting, what simple users copy and paste . In addition, you will attract additional traffic to your site, get more links. How it works?
    1. Go to the Tynt website , register and get the html code.
    2. Paste the code on the pages of your site, somewhere before the closing body tag. This code will load a Java script about 12 Kb in size.
    3. After installation, users of your site with the Java script enabled, when copying text, images and with simple selection, will automatically add a source link to the copy to the clipboard. Watch the demo video here .
    4. After a day, you can see the statistics in your Tynt account.

    I understand that this is not a panacea, but even large media, for example, the British Daily Mail, use this thing . Maybe you will come in handy.

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