My oz to all oz oz

    Tremble bloggers, the war has begun! Silently and quietly sneaking up from the rear, BlogoWar opened  - the war of blogs. So far, however, in beta, as I understand it.

    At first glance, BlogoWar may seem like a simple blog ranking and it’s not very clear where the war is, but it’s not so simple. The rating is indeed there, but it is rated in its own way. BlogoWar is a game. And the essence of this game is to link to other blogs as much as possible on your blog. Moreover, you need to refer a lot, because each link gives you an unts - vitality. And if they refer to you - it's like a bullet in the ass, which does not seem to kill, but takes power.

    Like any game, BlogoWar has an internal currency - bucks - for which you can buy weapons, armor and magic. And with the help of these purchases you can increase your Oz.

    “Our task was to do something“ cool “above all. This whole “blogosphere” is a rather funny thing, why not make it even more fun? ”- say the authors of the project. And, it seems, they managed to do something really “cool”.

    Unfortunately, BlogoWar only accepts standard blogs, so I curl up and go get my blog up.

    Meet me in  Untsemerke !

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