RBC needs money

    RBC plans to issue 20,740,000 shares, which should increase its authorized capital (UK) by 17.4%. This decision was approved by the board of directors. The pre-emptive right to repurchase shares placed by public subscription will be received by the shareholders listed in the register as of August 3. Judging by the current value of RBC shares, the current additional issue may bring it more than $ 180 million. The placement result will show how great the confidence of the market in RBC plans is.

    RBC Director German Kaplun said that the funds from the additional issue will go to finance the growth of the project. The bulk of this amount will be invested in Internet projects at an early stage of development. Investment in print media is not planned.

    Also on September 18, an extraordinary meeting of shareholders of the company will be held, appointed to approve the transaction related to the organization of debt financing. Since, according to the Law on Joint Stock Companies and the RBC Charter, shareholders approve only transactions with an amount exceeding 50% of the book value of assets, the transaction price must exceed the amount of $ 40 million


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