Blog Review # 2 I

    continue to browse blogs. Today you are reading the second issue, therefore, you exist. About myself - I can’t say with confidence. So, this is what the collective minds of bloggers have created this week.

    In the first lines of my letter, dear Ekaterina Matveevna, I hasten to tell you that the blogosphere noticed this review and gave birth to comments. First, Merkurov noticed , and then Jamshid was glad that such a review had appeared. By the way, we can read from the same link that Exler finally found out what blogs are. In addition, in the comments of Merkurov, slaff, our Argentinean friend, complained about the dryness of the review. Well, we will moisturize!

    "Strelka Laboratory "prepares the most nightmarish professions . There are 13 professions in total, except for the brave gastroenterologist Michael Levitt, who analyzes human gases with his own nose. Also, it turns out there are such necessary professions as the" popularizer of the metric system "and the" Laboratory for the analysis of animal sperm " . Oh, my God, where the world is heading?

    Blog " Internet business today " was marked by a note about the new service the Google Analytics , which makes an attempt on the internet such as counters SpyLog, Rambler and others like them.

    Silver takes a very interesting work - has declined verb LOL. I completely agree with the author - this is a useful and necessary thing. Only thanks to this message I was finally able to use this verb in the middle gender and in the past number -zhalonemoglo.

    Gleb Kalinin talks about the podcast of Yuri Saprakin . I recommend reading and listening to podcast fans and all those who don’t know what it is.

    And blogs are maintained not only by harsh men, but also by gentle girls. In " Anelka's Notebook " I advise you to read the article " Sambo and scumbags " about modern chivalry. After that, pay attention to "The Return of Sherlock Holmes " - all lovers of Arthur Conan Doyle (I'm with you!) Are strictly required.

    Probably the only Russian in Argentina, slaff, talks about the national characteristics of employment in the homeland of Maradona. If you are going to immigrate to Argentina (for example, I am nicer than Honduras and for some reason Kampuchea), I do not recommend reading, and the rest is a green light. In addition, a new smart word has appeared on the vastness of the world wide web - a website man , slaff is trying to figure out who does it mean?

    Merkurov does not want to disappear from the pages of secular chronicles, that is, from this review. To begin with, he is researching an article about ADD and SRSD , I will not specifically decipher it. The message ends with the cheerful "Afftar kill yourself!" After suicide, the author can immediately read another note by Merkurov - " Print and Pray ." Better to quote: "Archbishop Vincent of Yekaterinburg and Verkhotursky allowed believers to pray for icons from the Internet .

    " All About Blogs " really knows everything about blogs and talks about the existence of Anastasia Volochkova’s blog .
    Konstantin Kirilyuk sluggishly reflects on the usefulness of circular link exchange, the so-called Webring .
    Apparently, leading blogs discovered podcast. That Sell me not only wrote but also record your own podcast on the topic " How to get bloggers to write about your product ." Honestly, not downloaded, and did not listen, because to me this topic is not Interesting :).

    Nudnik notes " about American chauvinism on World of Warcraft servers.

    Gordy , one of the creators of Star Chat, talks about how he had a chat with Boris Moiseev . Quote:" At the appointed time, I and my friend Den Medvedev (as a photographer) we were already standing on the threshold of Moiseev’s chic apartment, who met us ... in one bathrobe . "The following message is devoted to" Tender May "and the calculation of the profit of Andrei Razin a year.

    And again, we specially highlight Belarusian blogs. Here are just a few of them. Dear, do you really have nothing to write about for the people? smiling to bloggers - I'll watch you! :)

    Alexander ShilyaevI digress a bit from my hard work and wrote a very entertaining article " What are tags ". I don’t know what the miner knows about tags as a means of classifying information, but Alexander is very aware.

    Denis Perehrest is studying the issue of the week - " ANTI-productivity ." Here is one example of anti-productivity: " insert plain (unformatted) text in * .doc, zip it in the archive and attach to the letter ." Jamshid,

    already mentioned at the beginning, parses material from The Sun newspaper on stupid and ridiculous domain names . Yes, sometimes it's better to chew than to come up with this: Udmurt Republican Bar Association (URKA). And the review of Stephen King’s seventh book from the Dark Tower series is for fans only.

    The tail reflects on whether a person feels pain when his head is chopped off and talks about a program for a mobile phone that allows you to convert txt files to Java midlets .

    Many do not know, but LJ is also a blog. Yes, inferior and neutered, but this does not prevent LJ users from writing interesting posts. In connection with this discovery, we present to your attention the following.

    Olga Gromyko , the author of several books about the witch Volha Redna, publishes a completely non-fantasy sketch in her LiveJournal "Toilet matters ... "Since the author has an undoubted literary talent, the sketch turned out to be very ridiculous.

    The Minsk community very vividly discusses the appearance of the Belarusian national operating system . The first screenshots made in joyful patriotic red-green tones are already available. in "Microsoft" must bite your elbows with envy, and to prepare for a collapse in its shares.

    Evgeny Kozhevnikov , a wonderful photographer, published at the list of people who are closely connected with the culture and the claim sstvom. View any log from this list gives a lot of aesthetic pleasure!

    Beatleofdoom engaged nostalgirovaniemand recalls: “Two years ago, when vsevolod_volkov and I accepted one small but proud newspaper (or rather, he accepted, and I was for the company), we all really wanted humorous notes about Vasya Pupkin. They were very popular among humanitarian underdeveloped programmers, hackers, computer technicians, and young jerked jerks. ” And from all this, a radio series with intricate characters was born. That's about these characters and I propose to read.

    Continuing the topic of nostalgia, I advise you to read the message nestor_fun, in which he collected an extensive collection of announcements from the time of the USSR. For example, here is an appeal: " Comrade! Create beauty in the house in which you live. Make a hedge, paint it and you will know the joy of life! " Or like this: "We ask you to arrive at the Minsk Electrotechnical College of Communications before November 15 of this year, on the design of your son / daughter . "Well, the most philosophical:" Walking on the walls is forbidden . "

    And the last link to today is" Why I Loved Russian Billiards "from LJ Life story from the Soviet past - there is a lot of nostalgia in this issue,

    that’s it, use aggregators!

    Alexey Khaletsky

    Published in Computer News (No. 46, 2005)

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