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    this article, I am starting a series of reviews of interesting blog posts, which I hope will be a weekly one. The main focus will be on unusual and original articles by blog authors and a brief description of them, a kind of review. At the end of each review, there are several links to blogs that I recommend visiting. Well, let's get started?

    The blog “ Details ” has two interesting publications: manual documentation (FAQ, if you want) on writing haiku (hoku) and a little observation about the beneficial effectto the younger generation of various soap operas. Why do I need documentation to compose poems, even such unusual ones as hoku, I don’t understand. A simple explanation of the differences from our dear iamba and chorea would be enough. But about vodka and TV shows is funny.

    In “ Strelka Lab ” you can read an entertaining story about a meeting with a policeman in his own kitchen. Here is a short excerpt: “ Hmm. I understand that something needs to be done. I jump from the table, make a running look, put my head in my shoulders. I’m slouching. - And so similar? He already jumped. - Aha! So - that’s it!

    Gleb Kalinin in his blog talks about the“ Book Turn ”, that is, Russian bookcrossing. I wonder when this wonderful thing gets to Belarus? Actually, those who don’t understand what they’re talking about, can be enlightened by the same link. And he also announces the release of Traktor DJ Studio 3 from Native Instruments, judging by the stated system requirements, this product can do everything.

    The blog Slaff 'and several interesting notes. Firstly, another reflection on blogs in world mass cultureBlog is a new sweetie to try. Have you tried and? .. I see that now (after six months of blogging on Runet) very many abandoned them, although they continue to participate in the comments. ”Also an interesting commentary on Bush ’s visit to Argentina(the author of the blog lives there) - “ They made a military city out of a tourist city and put it into a completely totalitarian regime. ”And, finally, the entertaining experiment“ Dating Online ”, during which the dating site will suffer.

    In his blog, Merkurov once again finds answers to the questions “Who is to blame?” And “What to do?” This time, the cheerful topic “ Young people are afraid to live in panic ” turned out to be the subject of analysis . As it turns out, youth organizations are to blame for everything, but it's better you yourself read. In addition, the author finds a religiously pensive mood and he asks the religion: “ Why does it stubbornly not want to move along with progress?

    But Kolesnik is trying to figure out more earthly things, namely, the riots in France . He agrees with Teilhard de Chardin, who in the middle of the last century believed that our Earth is now turning into a single community, a kind of anthill. And the events in France are an illustration of the approaching end of the "era of nations." Read more at the link. In addition, an interesting article about what is written once would arouse interest of the reader “ However, you can write well only about what worries you personally, belongs to your inner world - about the unique. But how and why then will others understand this? "

    Blog" All About Blogs”Does not change its name and issues an article that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducts a global survey of bloggers on the topic“ How blogs have changed your life . ” In addition, a note on the acronym search engine . talks about the new addition to Firefox, with which you can create your own RSS Feeds .

    The blog does not stop pouring bile on the blogosphere. First, he tells us about “ Ten Ways Not to Blog .” As if it could help someone. And then she finishes off with a note on “ New Interesting Bloggers ”. Very new and very interesting. And the last shot -“Twenty ways to say no .

    StraNN’s place , Strannika’s blog, talks about Microsoft’s new online service, “ Windows Live, ” which uses newfangled Ajax and web 2.0 technology. “ MS will finally bring its IE to mind and it will display HTML + CSS as required by standards, and not the left heel of the project manager (dreams, dreams ...

    Belarusian bloggers are also not tired of writing interesting messages. For example, Tail issued a message about the most stupid laws . Many probably already read similar things about the USA, but it turns out that Europe is not behind .

    Jamshid in his blog, do not forget about the mobile category, to Two posts are devoted to this. The first is called “Pearl of Subscribers # 7 ”there are amusing questions that customers contacted the support service of mobile operators. And a wonderful detailed article on how to overcome Velcom's E-mail2SMS .

    Denis in his inforedesign blog launched the fun project “ New Blogger Tales ”. Perhaps, before our eyes, a new network of folklore is born. In any case, these tales are worth reading. In addition, there is a useful “ Problem Solving Plan ”, probably for those who do not know how to solve these problems.

    Alexander Shilyaev posted on his blog his opinion on Web 2.0 technology . Another article on vertical search will be interesting .

    That's all for today, use aggregators! :)

    Aleksey Khaletsky

    Published in Computer News (No. 45, 2005)

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