What came first: content or links?

    I, as a fighter against the copy-paste, want to share in my opinion useful tips from Lorelle VanFossen .
    - The question arose: will unique content be sufficient to reach the heights of blogging?

    Experience tells us that unique content brings traffic, but I would agree with a few caveats. This refers to the fact that traffic always has a source. If they don’t know about your site, then there will be no visitors either.

    This is a question of the same level as the question of what came before: an egg or a chicken. I heard that scientists proved that the first egg appeared after all. Serious SEO experts and the best bloggers know that quality content must first exist, and then links will appear.

    You can promote your site wherever you want: Technorati, Digg and even Slashdot, but until you have valuable reading material for visitors, until your site is filled with high-quality content, all your promotion energy will be wasted.

    Here's what newbie bloggers write to me: “The traffic to my site is very small. Where to get it? I have been writing my blog for a week, but nothing is happening. What should I do? ”People, a week is a very short time for creating quality content. Ask the same question after three, four, six, or even twelve months, when valuable content appears on your site.

    If you are starting to write a blog for the purpose of profit, start with quality content. Test your strengths, work on yourself, correct mistakes and learn to just work with a blog.

    When you get more content, open up to the world: work with links! But keep creating quality material. Comment on other people's blogs, write letters to other bloggers about your topics, asking them to comment on them. Participate in online discussions, chat rooms and be visible at public blogging events. Find friends among bloggers.

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