Nimbus Clipper - Android Version

    Not so long ago, we presented our clippers for desktop browsers Chrome and Firefox (anyone who hasn’t read it can read this link ). In order not to pull, I will immediately describe the main features of the new application. So, Nimbus Clipper for Android can:

    • Save entire web pages as well as individual fragments
    • Save only articles without ads and extra links (ala Instapaper or Readabily)
    • Take screenshots of web pages
    • Edit photos or screenshots as you like, including cropping, blurring and supplying various graphic elements.
    • Quickly send all of the above to Nimbus and get a sharing link


    If you are interested in the details, then I ask for a cat.

    Keep the right information

    . Nowadays, a smartphone or tablet is the most faithful companion and first assistant, because it helps to be in touch and in work 24 hours a day. Our new application will help you not to waste a single minute of free time. While on the road, you can easily search and save any information from sites without unnecessary advertising and graphics, including the necessary text fragments or article.

    To do this, open tap on the Web Clipper item in the application and open the desired site. Then you can save the entire page (Save Full Page) or only the article (Save Article). If you need a specific fragment, then make a long tap on the desired fragment and use the + buttons to adjust its size. Before sending, you can see what happened in the window before viewing. After the note is created, you can get it directly and share it with anyone you think is necessary :)


    Sometimes drawing is easier than explaining it with words ...

    With all the variety of words in the Russian language, it is sometimes difficult to explain fairly simple things. Trying to describe your wishes to a designer, programmer or builder, you can lose a lot of time. However, there is no guarantee that you will be understood correctly. It is much easier to make comments and notes directly in the picture. Our application will also help you with this.
    Having taken a photo or a screenshot, you can quickly make the necessary improvements in a convenient editor, where, although there are not many functions, they are all needed. These and various elements, such as: arrow, pencil, line and text. There are two types of blues (for example, to hide a certain element or vice versa to hide everything except a certain piece of a picture). If you need to crop the image, then you can do this with the help of crop.


    The finished image can be saved to an SD card or sent to Nimbus, after which you can get a direct link to the finished note.

    Directly, Nimbus Note for Android will be ready very, very soon.

    Download Nimbus Clipper for Android -

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