Matrix of ideas

    I went to the site of Artemy Lebedev today and found a new tool in them - the matrix of ideas.
    Here is the description:

    “The matrix of ideas” is an excellent plunger for creative clogging. Let's say a designer needs to come up with something fresh on a tile theme. The designer drives the word “tile” and clicks on the “Get an Idea” button. The matrix answers: “tile + board”. The designer reads the results and comes to the thought of making a black tile on which you can write on a blackboard. Ingenious. Award, happiness, joy, respect of colleagues, envy of employees.

    But then comes the rainy day, when the designer is told: come up with something cool, as you know how. But they do not give the first word. Do not despair in this case either - the “Matrix of Ideas” is able to offer any two words independently. It remains only to choose the right combination. "Machine + length." Ingenious - you can make a long car out of an ordinary car, and roll pop stars on it. So, no, it already is. Click on the “Get Idea” button again.

    The topic is disclosed :)
    Maybe Optimus came up with exactly that?

    For example:
    keyboard + screen

    What do you think about this tool? :)

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