or “Hey, you got a mistake here!”

    It all started with the fact that after the third or fourth comment about various errors and typos in this topic, I could not restrain myself and expressed dissatisfaction with the number of these same comments. Supporters of either literacy or commentary about it joyfully lowered my karma, but that’s not the point.

    The problem of literacy on the Internet is generally me, and not only me, it seems to me, depressing. Among the many “supir sites”, Khabrahabr or are simply rays of light in the dark realm. However, errors or typos occur here too.

    As I noticed in the same comment, I noticed an error - why not write a message about it to the author? Why clutter up a post?

    I’ll clarify just in case - no, I am not against literacy, I am with both hands for maintaining a high level thereof here. But let's not write comments for the sake of comments. Wouldn't that be better?

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