Algorithm for building a business and a personal brand on the network from Gary Vaynerchuk

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    From this topic you will learn how to achieve success through the development and implementation of your hobby. You don’t just find out, but you can take it and start doing it right now.
    In his book Crush It, Business, Gary Vainerchuk talks about his journey from his parents' liquor store to creating a popular brand. To date, Gary has tied up with the wine business, and his achievements have become the basis for his company to promote brands in social media. And, as he says in his book, the most important thing in all this is to find your true passion.

    The sequence of steps to build your brand:

    1. Define your main passion - the business to which you are ready to devote all of yourself.

    2. Make sure you can come up with at least fifty tempting blog topics to convey an irresistible appeal to your online image.

    3. Answer two questions:

    • am I sure that my true passion lies precisely in this, and in nothing else;
    • can I speak on this topic better, more meaningfully, more interesting than any other?

    4. Create a name for your brand. It’s not necessary to talk about it all, the main thing is to formulate the essence of your brand for yourself. Examples: a realtor without fools, gurus of kitchen utter belongings, etc.

    5. Buy a domain name.

    6. Choose a method of communication for yourself: text, video or audio.

    7. Sign up for WordPress or Tumblr.

    8. Hire a web designer (in the book, Gary says that this is the only thing you can spend on developing your brand ... but also says that you can do without it =)

    9. Make sure your blog is provided with a link to Facebook, as well as push and share buttons. Choose the best place for a large prominent button that offers those who wish to do business together with you.

    10. Create a Facebook fan page.

    11. Subscribe to the resource or TubeMogul and select all the platforms through which you would like to distribute your content. Twitter and Facebook are a must.

    12. Upload your content.

    13. Start creating your community, for which leave your comments on forms, in other people's blogs and respond to comments left by others on any of your previous comments.

    14. Use the search function Search.Twitter so that as many people as possible can discuss your topic, and make contacts with them.

    15. Use the feature and find all blogs relevant to your topic.

    16. Join the largest possible number of foreign fan pages and groups on Facebook related to your subject.

    17. Repeat steps 12–16 again and again.

    18. Now the same thing one more time.

    19. Once again, everything is the same.

    20. As soon as you feel that your brand has become sufficiently visible, is able to attract attention and lure new fans, begin to establish contacts with advertisers and monetize your brand.

    21. Catch the buzz from the process.

    Gary was very pleased with his openness, energy and honesty both in the book and in his speeches. I wrote a little more about him here .

    Successful to you self-realization!

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