Password replacement service for different accounts

    Many different applications offer password storage in super-duper-encrypted form.
    It is convenient for many and people use it.

    Why are resources and client applications that help you quickly and easily change passwords on hundreds of different accounts (at the same time or at choice) not visible or heard anywhere?

    Use case is this:
    I need to change the password on all instant messengers, social. accounts and mailers.
    I can systematically go through all these “hiccups” and change passwords manually, but I can use a sabzha software for mass replacement (or, as an option, regular change of password on selected resources).
    And of course, as a user I expect a looot of security! :)

    For this software to work, you need an authorization API in your accounts and (if any) a password change API (as an option, with confirmation of this action by sending an email to the soap).

    I give an idea.
    Who will use it - sign off so that I can be happy :)

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