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    Only we have a real blog review!

    Recently, they have been telling me more and more often that fake Lesha Khaletsky are touring the country, who are also trying to review blogs, passing off these pseudo-reviews as real ones. Fakes are almost no different from the original, except for one important quality - they are not encouraging. Therefore, I urge you to be extremely careful and check every review for quality. The quality mark is usually located on the first page and contains a set of letters that easily folds into the phrase “Computer News”.

    An evil aunt laziness did not allow me to write the next issue of “Territory of Sound” this week, however, something for the musicians fell into this review. One of the largest music companies - SonyBMG - no longer accepts demos from artists on physical media. For these purposes, she opened two sites at once, where you can upload a music file, photo and biography of the author. Both resources - and - are more likely blogs where everyone can chat with like-minded people. "Blogging is one of the most visible trends. Every day, 100 thousand blogs are started immediately, the blogosphere doubles every 230 days. So it was very reasonable for the majors to adopt a new tool that allows them to quickly get acquainted with promising talents , "commented SonyBMG’s decision by its executive director Ged Doherty. It should be noted that SonyBMG is by no means a pioneer in this case. The first blogs started use social networking projects such as Sellaband and Bebo, trying, thus, to attract talent and make them known to the maximum number of users.

    The Internet is rich in various interest communities. Different there are lovers of shaved armpits, glamorous fascists, bearded emo (no, not ostriches), freaks against cosmetics, a community of public relations (this is from the word "public relations") and other funny clusters of human beings. Feminists, of course, are also human and consider blogging to be even useful. In this connection, there are several very convincing arguments in the community against the prohibition of abortion. Here is one of them: " Only an idiot can call a 5-week embryo an infant ." Of course, I also have nothing against abortion. In general, I stand for the complete and final resolution of everything and everything, so that humanity destroys itself and hamsters come to power. And amid this paradise, I will be smart and handsome in a white coat.

    If my reviews are not enough for you and even after careful reading you are looking for interesting blogs, then the results of ROTOR will help you. The EZHER Union, which unites more than 500 Internet figures, has been presenting the ROTOR Prizes since 1999. This year, in the first round, which was held from March 19 to March 23, the jury nominated the participants of the competition and also determined the finalists by category. In the final round, the winners were selected from among the finalists and the prizes were distributed. The awards of the ROTOR 2007 contest were presented in more than 25 categories. Among which, of course, was the “Blog of the Year,” which went to Theatrical Diaries . The rest of the winners can be viewed at the link already given.

    And now I will teach you what I do not know how and never knew how to - to make money. And my little furry friends, blogs will help me with this as always. For seed, a small allowance for earning money on videos, in particular, using the MetaCafe service. The main points are revealed: how to make an interesting video, what is popular, what are the requirements for your video materials, as well as some good examples. Interestingly, the article is constantly updated with answers to critical comments on it. And for dessert, I prepared for you “Marketing in a Small Town”, a blog that appeared more than once in old reviews and which I decided to remind you again. And I remind you in connection with the article " Monetization of Blogs". The main idea of ​​the article is money not in advertising systems like AdSence or Yandex.Direct, which can be placed on a blog, but in the audience of the blog. Quote:" Blog readers are no different from store visitors. We all have money, and in a month we all (or almost all) will not have this money - for we will spend it. For example, I read about a thousand people a day. If the average income is $ 500, then we get half a million bucks that my readers spend every month . "

    There should have been a link to a very interesting entry on a very interesting blog, but for some reason it’s not here ...

    Despite the fact that all other blog reviews are incorrect, I nevertheless give you links to them, but only so that you can follow it, get upset and return back to the true review. So, " Blogging Week with Dmitry Gubenko ." The results of the first month of the existence of the “Blogging Week” are compiled. Actually, the review is Ukrainian, and also comes out in the form of a radio program (but no one will force you to listen to this program by reference - there is an adapted text there), and with an obvious political bias. But my business is small - to offer you interesting reading matter, and whether you need it or not, is decided by someone else.

    Yandex acquired"- one of the largest social networks. The purchase cost, according to various estimates, $ 1-5 million. For me personally, it follows that Yandex is doing its utmost in creating its own blog service. Given Yandex’s large client base, it’s been a long time market rumors that they want to launch their blog project, and the availability of their own payment system Yandex.Money, there is no doubt that they have good chances to take a leading place in the Web 2.0 sector. LiveJournal competition. SUP Fabrik blog posts Anton Nosik (one of the reviews had a mini-interview with him), on the contrary, hopes to work with Yandex, not counting him as a competitor. Finama analyst Vladislav Kochetkov notes that now "Loses in attendance to other social networks, such as as, but its “interesting business model can be updated due to traffic from Yandex.” Yandex bought not only a business, but also one of the best development teams in Russia. Obviously, the company offered the owners of the service a good premium, which is associated with a shortage of assets in the market, as well as the desire of Yandex to strengthen its social network component - one of the most promising areas of development, ”the analyst adds. Well, we will closely monitor the development of events, because Yandex.Blogs are very interesting. as well as the desire of Yandex to strengthen its social network component - one of the most promising areas of development, ”adds the analyst. Well, we will closely monitor the development of events, because Yandex.Blogs are very interesting. as well as the desire of Yandex to strengthen its social network component - one of the most promising areas of development, ”adds the analyst. Well, we will closely monitor the development of events, because Yandex.Blogs are very interesting.

    " Alive in Baghdad " received the main prize in the "Best Vlog" nomination for the Vloggies Award . The audience applauded while standing. Commentators call this work a model of new journalism. All taken together - the content of the blog, its triumphal success in the United States, the award of a professional prize that is still not related to big money, the genuine initiative of the resource (they live on the voluntary contributions of the audience) makes an impression. Especially against the background of our blogosphere, with its spit on accuracy as the most sought after genre.

    By the way, they say that in the 20s of the last century in the United States racial laws acted like the Nuremberg ones. In particular, the applicant for entry into the United States had to prove his Aryan origin in generations there. I’m preparing you so gently for the next link - " Interesting with swastika -2 ". I, like the author, in no way incite and do not propagate. My grandfather earned paralysis, sitting in Belarusian marshes surrounded by. These are just interesting photos that show you the story a little differently. Especially I was touched by children's halloween costumes in swastikas. I remember that recently Prince Harry got it already a year and a half ago because he came to the Halloween party in the costume of the SS man.

    And my grandmother told me about her childhood, and I could not believe that this could even happen somewhere on the planet. The grandmother of the author of the following story also told him about her childhood: "You run into the frost, get laden with heavy logs, sweat all over, legs in felt boots sweat, footcloths get wet, and then freeze. In the snowdrifts you climb all day, and the frost is minus 30. By evening, you don’t feel your legs at all. Tears flow - legs seem to be cut off. You approach a tree, you hit it a couple of times with a felt boot, and you don’t feel anything. Only a knock as if a tree had been hit on a tree. Then you come to the hut, and there the stove is drowned. Everyone will cling to her and warm themselves. At first, the felt boots were warmed up because they didn’t take off ... they froze to the footcloths and to the skin. And then, when the boots are warm, remove them. Wet rags off your feet, and the skin with the fabric lags ... ".

    For my beloved people, and these are only those who chose WordPress as the platform for their blog, a wonderful article"Video on a blog . "How to embed a video on a blog? It would seem that everything is simple - I copied a ready-made piece of code from the site, pasted it into the post editing window, saved it and you can enjoy it. Yes, everything works well. Until you want to edit this post. As a salvation, the author offers the Embedded Video with Link plugin.

    And the last article in this review will help young writers and literary agents. The author's conclusion is simple: " EVERYTHING is being published. You can find any author. Go to the shops where you work on order, and copy yourself price lists. With the proper level of patience, you end up". It is noteworthy that the article examines the demand, interest in the Russian (consider, and in the Belarusian) book market for absolutely all genres of modern literature. For example:" Children's literature up to 11-12 years old is a very popular section because parents want to see reading their children. Children themselves very rarely ask for something, rather the opposite. Buy, again, what they themselves read in childhood. But some are rather lethargic and take only what is available. We try to always was a classic. ”In general, very informative th article .


    Published in "Computer News» (№14, 2007)

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