Digg Replaces Google Reader

    The popular social news resource Digg is working on replacing the Google Reader service, beloved by many , which will cease to exist in 100 days . This is stated in the official resource blog .

    Further, a free translation:

    “We hope to highlight and recreate the best parts of Google Reader (including its API), but by making the amendment for the Internet in 2013, in which communities like to communicate using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and Hacker News, which provide powerful but sometimes too plentiful signals about what is interesting. Do not get us wrong - we do not expect this to be a trivial task. But we are still confident that we can create a worthy successor.
    In order to do this in such a short time, we need your help. We need your opinion on what you would like to see in the reader. What problems should we solve for you? What will be useful? And what not? What functions would you like to see that have no analogues now?
    If you want to share your thoughts, or just be informed when the product is ready - just click here .
    PS - If you like to create beautiful things and want to help us, please let us know ! ”

    I hope that from this venture really something worthwhile will turn out that will become a worthy replacement for Google Reader.

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