How we launched the TV channel on the Internet. Idea

    I have no intelligible answer to the question, why so far no one has made a channel about dogs? There are all kinds! Films and music, travel and cooking, fashion and health, business and religion, cars and sports - there are more than a dozen football ones. After all, dogs and people who love dogs live in all corners of the world. And what kind of feelings and emotions our four-legged friends are capable of evoking both among their owners and everyone around them - there is nothing to say about this.

    Despite the fact that in my case the idea of ​​creating a thematic television channel about dogs lies on the surface, it took time, courage, and, I would even say, audacity to sway at the whole CHANNEL. I clearly remember the moment when it “dawned on me”. When the understanding of several simple things connected at one point:
    1. Actively progressing interest of the audience in watching specialized channels
    2. The obvious need of dog lovers for a high-quality television theme product
    3. The limitlessness of the theme
    4. Vast experience and archive of materials
    5. People with whom you can turn mountains
    6. And most important: but this is what I know, love and know how to do best!

    That is, I suddenly realized that all of the above is just what you need to start the channel .

    Of course, going out on a satellite is cool. But expensive and troublesome. But to go online, you don’t need to get a license, you don’t need to pay money for satellite rental, you don’t have to deal with cable operators, which, in fact, must deliver the channel to the direct consumer, viewer.

    That is, to realize the idea of ​​a TV channel, of course, on the Internet it is much easier, at least cheaper. Which is attractive to start.

    Naturally, we are by no means talking about saving on the production of video content. That is, these are full-fledged television programs and a full-fledged television channel - with an idea, constant headings, a broadcasting network, filming and editing.

    Of course, “niche” dictates a certain specificity. For example, the timing of the interview, the duration of the television plan. More precisely, in this case it doesn’t “dictate,” but, I would say, it allows us to turn to the fullest. How many times have we brought videos from the World Exhibitions for 10-12 hours, and an hour and a half went on air. While the interest of a “narrow” audience in this content is very high! Do not feed any professional dog breeder with bread, let me see how the champion runs through the ring, how he is folded, how his limbs work and his hair flutters. In addition, this party, "dog", I mean, is very extensive. 400 dog breeds, almost every breed has its own characteristics of breeding, rearing, keeping, care, training, handling, grooming. Competitions, competitions, championships! All-breed, monobreed, club and world exhibitions! Zoo industry and veterinary medicine are moving leaps and bounds! The list of topics goes on forever!

    Of course, as in any business, it is important that professionals do this. I mean, professionals from cynology. The availability and ease of posting information on the Internet, unfortunately, is not directly proportional to its quality. Sometimes you read it ... Well, you know! The videos for Dog Channel TV are prepared in close collaboration with experienced dog handlers, dog training instructors, leading veterinary clinics - in short, real professionals.

    Of course, the whole idea is based on personal great this topic as a whole. I can talk about dogs for as long as I want with both a beginner and a professional, both with an expert and an athlete, with a trainer, with a handler, a dog hairdresser and a veterinarian. I have what to ask and what to tell. I think this is very important when the head of the process is in the subject.

    I really hope that my story will inspire someone, suggest an idea, give courage, will become the missing puzzle in the picture “I am creating a new project”. In any case, personally such stories affect me very positively! I do not deliberately write about difficulties for the time being - do not think that they are not, “I have them”. But if I concentrated on difficulties at the very beginning (and now too), analyzed and calculated, and acted according to the rules, as it is written in smart books, then there would be nothing.

    I recall the amazing phrase that the Weiner brothers put into the mouth of the ingenious master Nicolo Amati: “Violins do not. Make barrels and benches. And violins, like bread, grapes and children, give birth and grow. ”

    There is nothing to add here. And we are not geniuses. It’s just that each of us in life has its own “violin” - a barrel, a factory or a TV channel.

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