AOL is going to buy TechCrunch

    And it’s not just about how it would be possible to “plan to buy a car in the near future” - active negotiations are underway to purchase this authoritative resource from the IT world. I will remind that its head is Michael Arrington, which was recently written about on Habré. The deal is currently at the conclusion stage, but is not yet 100% ready, that is, there is a chance that TechCrunch will remain autonomous. Sources familiar with both sides claim that TechCrunch will most likely be sold to AOL (maybe Arrington got tired of working almost 20 hours a day in the dark?).

    Tim Armstrong, AOL CEO, can make a purchase statement for this resource at TechCrunch Disrupt, which is currently underway in San Francisco. True, neither yesterday nor today at the conference, anything similar was voiced. By the way, AOL, which is not going through the best of times, announced its readiness to acquire other popular technology-oriented blogs - the company’s management believes that in this way AOL will be able to attract more visitors to its other resources.

    Neither Arrington nor AOL representatives are giving any comments at this time. In principle, everything is correct - after all, the deal is quite interesting, why announce it prematurely (of course, if it takes place).

    In the past, AOL has already had relationships with blogs and bloggers - for example, with Weblogs Inc., which is behind popular sites like Engadget. Blogs really helped AOL avoid significant traffic loss. Now AOL intends to add a couple more pearls to its collection.

    It is worth noting that at present, TechCrunch is one of the most widely read technology blogs in the United States. He appeared in 2005, when Michael Arrington decided to create a blog that would cover the most interesting startups from around the world. Gradually, the resource became more universal, and broke into the first three of the most widely read technology blogs. It is in second place, right after the Huffington Post.

    Well, let's wait a bit, it seems that in a couple of days it will become clear whether AOL bought this resource or not.

    And here is another picture with Arrington:

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