Sources of online media revenue. Part II

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    Sources of online media revenue. Part II

    Specialized advertising services

    Suitable for: media of large cities, hyperlocal media

    The offer is relevant for media in large cities and companies providing services in the field of education, advanced training, in addition, you can cooperate with advertising agencies selling online advertising. You need to start providing paid advice on how to advertise in your media, develop training courses and take money for it.
    For hyperlocal media, there is perhaps even greater scope. Some of them are already training local businesses. Some even take care of their sites. This is an additional income.
    There is also the possibility of organizing direct marketing services via the Internet. You can take money either for the development of an advertising campaign, or for the number of recipients of your e-mail.

    Business Services Exchange

    Suitable for: media of large cities, business publications

    You can organize a platform on which local businesses can publish information about their services, look for contractors, and announce tenders. Here, the local government will place announcements of public procurement and tenders. Business will pay for access to the platform. Such sites already exist , but you better know the local business, have direct access to the market. In addition, it will be easier for such a niche audience to sell your specialized media products: analytics, reviews, research.
    Along the way, organize a catalog of companies and enterprises.


    Suitable for: all

    Radio stations have been using this scheme for decades, handing out bags, hats, umbrellas for payments in their support. As the New York Times example shows, now it works for newspapers.
    It is not necessary to concentrate on souvenirs. The Times organizes meetings with popular journalists for its members. A similar scheme can work with access to certain types of content, events.

    Organization of events and promotion

    Suitable for: everyone

    If the success of online media depends on the ability to develop and communicate with your audience, then gathering an audience in real life is a way to make money. The Voice of San Diego believes that organizing events is a way to get your content across to readers, whether it’s an analysis of past elections or an economic forum.
    Brooklyn Based organizes and advertises a ton of such events and takes a percentage of the tickets sold. Revenues from this activity significantly exceed those that come from advertising on the site. Blog organized the incredibly popular flea market . Its author Jonathan Butler (Jonathan Butler) said that the market has brought him much greater benefit than the opening of representative offices in other cities.


    Suitable for: media of large cities.

    Here's an extreme version of audience formation - opening your own cafe. How to build the towers of their offices to heaven, organize a newsroom and newsroom right in the midst of the people. Cafe will help you build a brand, of course, if the coffee is delicious, but at the same time will become a platform for your events.
    This idea has already been implemented by the Futuroom project , whose goal is to "reunite newspapers with readers and advertisers based on the immediate needs in the neighborhood."

    New distribution and revenue model

    Suitable for: media of large cities and niche publications.

    New distribution models will offer media new ways to earn money in the near future. Some newspapers have already opened an API to access their content and databases.
    The reverse syndication system allows journalists to earn money regardless of links and clicks. has created a network in which members can publish their articles, and ads are attached to them. Then the network members receive their percentage depending on the volume of impressions that their materials attracted. Such a scheme will most likely work better on a national scale, but if you make a special framework for it, it will be effective both for the media of large cities and for niche publications.
    You should also pay attention to the possibility of creating embedded newspapers provided by Apture and Google Web Elements .

    Gift cards

    Suitable for: media in large cities

    A somewhat mysterious system in which media such as Times-Leader sells ads in exchange for gift certificates. Then the reader buys these certificates at half price from the media. Everyone stays with fat.


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