AP creates News Register to track and protect content on the network

Original author: Staci D. Kramer
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Following its spring promise to protect news content on the network, the management of the Associated Press (AP) agency today confirmed its ambitious plan for marking and tracking text - and then both photo and video - content of its partners and members of the organization. For this, a News Register will be created.

First, the registry will track the content of the AP, and in early 2010 will begin to process the content of other members of the association. AP intends to fund registry operations throughout 2010. Further, it is expected that it will be self-supporting. One of the registry technologies will be a beacon that will inform the AP about how the content is being used. In this case, the registry will take into account the most diverse business models - from free published content to paid access.

Be sure this initiative will cause discontent among people
  1. who do not wish to take action to regulate the use of content
  2. who don't like the idea of ​​tracking
  3. who don’t like everything AP does regarding content protection

(We probably still hear a lot of interesting things about this).
AP is trying to convince everyone that these measures are not directed against Google and bloggers, but are designed to give news outlets tools to increase and protect business profitability and, as an alternative, the ability to make access to their content paid.

It must be intriguing for many media outlets, but will they agree to participate in this project?

Some details:
  • registry will use microformat developed by AP
  • microformat places content in a "shell" containing digital rights, "which allow the publisher to determine how its content should be used on the network, and which carries important information by which to search and monitor the use of content"
  • the registry will provide statistics on content consumption, paid services and help protect publisher rights
  • AP believes that the registry could also implement the original idea of ​​creating special search pages that would become "authoritative sources" by offering links to "search-optimized news pages that provide the user with timely and quality information. AP continues to work on this idea. "

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