Associated Press and Media Standards Trust offer microformat news

Original author: Patrick Smith
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The Media Standards Trust (MST) and the Associated Press (AP) want to establish a new format for this media product to increase the readability (and, consequently, the profitability) of news. It is assumed that microformat will improve ranking in search engine results and make it easier to find the right content.

According to the new standard developed by AP, each news item will be accompanied by metadata with a brief description of the topic, place and time of writing, the author, the “news principles” of the publisher and, if necessary, usage rights.
Newsmen may wonder: What is all this for? Most of the online journalists have long wondered in writing the right texts in terms of SEO and SEM. But in May, Google announcedthat will support the microformat in the Google News project, bearing in mind that each news in this format will have an extended hint (“rich snippet”) with all meta tag data instead of the current one or two lines. So the introduction of such a standard could help the news find their “right”, interested reader.
AP is already testing a new format on its Web Feeds platform, has just begun testing it. MST and AP encourage others to adopt the standard. Further information can be found at .

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